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"our reputation is your guarantee"


Our reputation is your guarantee.

We  have contracted with G.&D. on two major residential projects, one requiring an “off-form” finish that was the finished product! They were competitive in their quoting, maintained pace with our build schedule and their finished product faultless. We have recommended G.&D. to other builders.Robert McDermott.
McDermott Constructions Pty Ltd.


Ours is a residential Owner-Builder project It is complex topography. Around 50% of total project budget is in concrete “fortifications”. We needed a thinking, articulate, considerate Concrete Contractor. There was no expert Builder to direct him so we needed him to deal directly with the Architect and Engineers as well as with us. Specifications are never 100%. There are always questions to be resolved on site and constructive thinking is so much better than just doing as one is told.
It took us a while to find a person with the attributes needed to work with us. We chose David Roperti as someone we thought we could trust to do a good job and have our interests at heart. There are no certainties in this business. Deciding who to trust, personally as well as for the tradesman skills, is a challenge that we found daunting.
We are very satisfied with the standard of the work which David has done for us but, more importantly, we are very appreciative of the manner of his business dealings with us and with the other trades involved. Feedback from the Architect and Engineers is that we chose well. Our project in nearing completion and we expect that we will have a magnificent home, thanks to many factors and people but thanks to David Roperti in very large measure.

Michael E. Jukes

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